Mount Royal University open supply chain analytics lab

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Students work with Brian Fleming, PhD, left, associate professor in supply chain management n the CN Supply Chain Analytics Lab at the Bissett School of Business. (Mount Royal University photo)

CALGARY – A new analytics lab at Mount Royal University lets students seek out and analyze live and historical business data crucial to navigating Canada’s new economy.

Technology in the $500,000 CN Supply Chain Analytics Lab provides students with dedicated space to work on the Refinitiv Eikon Data Platform that accesses the inner-workings of companies around the world in real time. Data from this platform shows students how ethics, the environment and other factors combine with price to influence decision-making and the supply chain.

“Historical data is one thing, but students need an appreciation that ethics, human rights and sustainability are factors that companies are incorporating in deciding who they will do business with,” says Brian Fleming, PhD, associate professor in supply chain management at Mount Royal University.

“This lab opens that door from a supply chain perspective so we can go into these companies in real time and find out who they are and what they are all about.”

The lab includes 15 Refinitiv Eikon licences to support 12 student terminals, one for an instructor in the lab and two available for professors to use for curriculum and research requirements. It can accommodate up to 36 students, with groups of three using one terminal each. CN says the lab reflects the importance of supply chain management to the transportation industry that helps drive the Canadian economy, and provided the $500,000 donation for it development.

“The analytics lab will provide a vital learning environment within the Bissett School of Business. The Eikon platform opens the potential for further analytics programming,” says Elizabeth Evans, dean of the Faculty of Business and Communication Studies.

“We’re thankful to CN for its support of this lab as we look to prepare business students for the opportunities of Calgary’s future economy.”

The province recently approved Mount Royal’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a major in supply chain management along with a BBA with a major in finance and a BBA with a major in international business.