AI cluster launches 10 new projects

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

MONTREAL – Scale AI has announced $27 million in investments – $22.6 million from the government of Canada and $4.2 million from the government of Quebec – to support 10 new artificial intellligence projects. Industry and other partners will commit an additional $47.9 million.

Some of the projects include:

CAE will be collaborating with partner Presagis its partners and suppliers to optimize its supply chain, while minimizing inventory and further improving on-time delivery of its products to customers around the world. Scale AI is investing $2.8 million, with a total investment of $10.8 million

“This project will allow CAE to better predict demand and reduce delays in order to minimize the variability of demand in the production chain,” said Marc St-Hilaire, vice-president, technology and innovation at CAE.

“It will improve inventory management while ensuring high-quality and efficient services.”

Air Canada, OEC Group and Edgenda will collaborate on two different projects to enhance the cargo supply chain and optimize freight capacity. Scale AI will spend $12 million on these projects, with a total investment of $31.1 million.

“The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) will provide additional information about our operations and Canadian supply chain,” said Richard Hines, head, data and artificial intelligence at Air Canada. “These two ongoing projects will allow us to introduce AI capabilities that will enhance passenger demand forecasting and cargo operations.”

Stream Systems is working on a solution (SimOpti) to commercialize the use of artificial intelligence, neural networks (NN), simulation and optimization tools to create a digital twin of field operations. The result is a full system view of the various factors leading to bottlenecks and constraints that affect the flow of assets throughout the business value chain for an energy producer, allowing the producer to take appropriate actions before the revenue opportunity is lost or gained.

Stream Systems is working with Drift Technological Solutions, Egistix Corporation, IBM and Paramount Resources Ltd. on this project.

“By utilizing simulation to train AI in conjunction with reinforcement learning tool, the energy industry can unlock complex capacity constraints throughout the overall value chain resulting in significant financial returns,” said Bruno Rizzuto, CEO from Stream Systems.

Including these companies’ own contributions, $75 million has been committed to modernizing processes for productivity enhancement through creativity and Canadian-developed solutions. In sectors ranging from shipping to retail, and including aeronautics, healthcare and supply chain management tools applicable to every industry, these projects show the diversity of practical and immediate applications of artificial intelligence being deployed in Canada, by and with local experts.

Julien Billot, CEO of Scale AI, notes,“We are excited by the diversity and quality of the projects submitted to Scale AI’s financing program for applied artificial intelligence projects. Funding of $27 million, out of a total of$75 million invested in 10 projects, will help accelerate the adoption of AI at the participating companies and will inspire others to follow suit.”

Hélène Desmarais, Co-Chair of the Scale AI Board of Directors, adds,“The files we are receiving show the appetite in every sector for structure-creating support in artificial intelligence. We are convinced that each achievement highlighting our homegrown talent and know-how plays a role in the emergence of this ecosystem in Canada.”