Scale AI commits to five new projects

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

MONTREAL — AI supercluster Scale AI has announced it is backing five new projects with a combined total investment of $29 million, including contributions from the participating companies. Scale AI’s share is $9 million.

An initiative by Groupe Optel and its partners, the Aluminum Association of Canada, Laserax, Lithion Recycling, Université Laval, and Smarty, will help to digitize the mineral and metal value chain for security and performance. The development of highly advanced AI algorithms will provide an essential tool for industry stakeholders to meet commercial and environmental requirements.

“An intelligent supply chain will allow Canada and its trading partners to optimize their commercial exchanges,” said Louis Roy, president and founder of Optel.

“In addition to providing commercial partners with information on the provenance of materials in circulation, the data collected and analyzed will make it possible to put concrete measures in place to improve the sector’s environmental performance in relation to the circular economy, from extraction to utilization, as well as the recovery of materials.”

Scale AI is putting up $5.4 million of a total investment of $16.6 million.

A port logistics optimization tool is being developed by the Montreal Port Authority along with its partners Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, Canscan, EI Systems, and Termont. Scale AI is providing $1.7 million of the $2.7 million budget.

It will create a data-driven approach to the movement of containers through the Port of Montreal’s network, and will enhance upstream visibility into the rail and marine supply chain using AI and predictive analytical tools to support decision-making. A better synchronization of all elements of supply chains is expected to bring substantial benefits to the entire gateway ecosystem.

“This project is another critical milestone in our progress towards the ‘Smart Port’ vision we are implementing,” said Daniel Dagenais, vice-president, operations, Montreal Port Authority.

“It will benefit all stakeholders involved in the chain, reducing cargo delays and overall dwell time, while maximizing global throughput to our major logistics hub.”

Predicting and managing consumer demand is an incredibly challenging task for retailers in the apparel, footwear and accessories (AFA) space and, like their customers’ requirements, their supply chain continually changes, while new fashion trends are constantly invented. This is even more important as the retail industry is heavily impacted by the pandemic, with disrupted supply chains and unpredictable consumer demand.

A project led by FIND A.I. will help its partners Pr Chi-Guhn Lee, Pacific West Commercial Corporation, Boathouse Apparel, Cook Culture Ltd, BellaGroup, Plenty Apparel, and Purdy’s, improve predictability of product demand and control of production, thereby reducing production waste and environmental impacts, while maximizing financial gains.

Scale Ai is contributing $1 million to the $4.5 million project.

Fleet Complete is partnering with Pitstop, Sensata, NPL Canada, and Superior Propane to apply AI to improve the maintenance of commercial vehicle fleets by using predictive analytics around components. Creating a scalable solution that is brand-agnostic and big-data oriented, Fleet Complete will be able to provide advanced brake and tire prognostics to fleet owners and managers to significantly reduce downtime and, consequently, lower the cost of ownership of their mobile assets.

Scale AI is providing $.9 million to the $3.6-million project.

“Building these new vehicle maintenance prognostic models will help overcome a multitude of challenges that the commercial vehicle industry is facing today – from daily vehicle maintenance to handling of exceptional repairs to improving the performance of teams on the road,” said Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete.

“It will also help the automotive industry better prepare for a connected, autonomous, and electric future that will radically change vehicle costs and ownership models.”

Facing growing challenges, including an increasingly complex regulatory environment, pharmaceutical distributors are key partners of the health care system. Distribution Pharmaplus and partners Groupe Horizon Santé, Pharmacie SM, CS et AP Inc, Sodan Conseillers TI, and Thales Digital Solutions are working on the Alter Ego Pharma solution, a cloud-based platform for improving the drug distribution chain.

“The Alter Ego Pharma solution will allow us to unlock productivity by improving inventory management, limiting the impact of shortages and reducing administrative management – a typical win-win solution, as we reduce our costs,while increasing our sales and offering better service,” said Denis Forget, CEO of Distribution Pharmaplus.

Scale AI is providing half of the total project cost of  $1.6 million.