Supercluster launches first AI projects

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Scale ai, (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence AI) Canada’s AI supply chain supercluster, has revealed its first four collaborative projects, which are intended to address supply chain challenges through the application of artificial intelligence (AI).

Each industry-led project is composed of three to seven partners, and may include industry adopters, technology leaders, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities and research centres.

“With these first selected projects, scale ai is entering its operational phase,” says Julien Billot, CEO of scale ai. “Since the official launch of our activities we have received a significant number of project submissions and are working with our partners to select other projects very soon. I encourage all companies interested in applying AI to their supply chain to contact our teams to present their project proposals.”

The selected projects will tackle core issues identified by various sectors, including retail, manufacturing, agriculture and transport, by implementing artificial intelligence models. Ultimately, these projects will deliver concrete innovative solutions that will, among other benefits, improve product routing and traceability, increase demand forecasting accuracy, optimize task assignment for field employees, and increase planning efficiency to avoid overstocking and waste.

The selected projects will provide the following solutions: Ray-Mont Logistics, SimWell and Ivado Labs Decision are exploring support system for operations planning, storage allocation and crane scheduling. Bell Canada, Exfo, VuPoint Systems and Ivado Labs are working on forecasting the complexity of field repairs and technician management. Local Line, Flanagan FoodService, Ontario Fresh, and a collective of seven farmers will work on a community co-loading platform for farmers. Nulogy, Mars Canada, Schenker Canada, Alliance, Linsey Foods, LakeCityFoods, and Menasha are building an intelligent platform for agile customization.

Altogether the projects will cost $5.1 million, including $2 million co-invested by scale ai.

“In a context of globalization, the development of international trade inevitably involves the optimization of our supply chain,” said Charles Raymond, CEO of Ray-Mont Logistics. “As a founding member of scale ai, we are proud to see that our smart terminal project is part of this shared vision of propelling the supply chain to another level.”

One of Canada’s five innovation superclusters, scale ai is based in Montreal. Its mission is to develop the next generation supply chain and promote Canada’s leadership in artificial intelligence applied to the industry. To date nearly 120 industrial partners, research institutions and other players have joined.