Darwynn adopts robotics system from Singaporean startup

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by Emily Atkins

The North American warehouse automation market is undergoing rapid changes as it continues to expand and innovate. Singapore-based shuttle systems pioneer HWArobotics is attracting attention in the region with the recent adoption of its technology by Canadian e-commerce fulfillment specialist Darwynn.

Darwynn turned to HWArobotics to streamline order fulfillment operations at its site in Toronto. It chose robotic automated storage and retrieval systems (shuttle ASRS) technology from HWArobotics – comprising a multi-level shuttle system of 24 carts, 10,368 storage locations and six goods lifts.

Darwynn’s system can handle 2,400 bins per hour.

Darwynn provides sellers with localized warehousing, logistics and after-sales services through an integrated e-commerce platform, modular warehouse, and seamless integration with multiple logistics platforms. It was looking to meet the demands of its business expansion as the number of SKUs within its facilities increases, in addition to enhancing service quality, efficiency, safety, and its sustainable development capabilities.

With 20,000 individual SKUs handled by the new facility, the HWArobotics Shuttle ASRS “goods-to-person” system was able to increase throughput for Darwynn to 2,400 bins/hour. In the first phase of Darwynn’s project, storage is configured as three double-deep aisles and eight levels for the efficient parallel operation of multiple shuttle carts.

The shuttle ASRS solution, with picking stations and WCS systems, was integrated into Darwynn’s end-to-end fulfillment operations via HWArobotics’s onboarding process. It has delivered a series of benefits for Darwynn and its customers, including:

  • Optimized inventory management
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Higher throughput
  • Improved warehouse space utilization
  • Expanded storage capacity
  • Reduced overall business costs
  • Lower error rates
  • Reliability and ease of maintenance

Complementing Darwynn’s real-time inventory tracking and e-commerce offering and meeting the demands of sellers and buyers, the new system is also future-proofed – with total inventory capacity of 200,000 items, the capability to meet peak business needs, and the adaptability to match Darwynn’s growing demand.

“This project delivered an efficient, reliable, user-friendly and easily-maintained multi-level shuttle ASRS warehouse system,” said HWArobotics general manager, Sky Chen.

“We are very pleased with the system performance so far and the potential the solution offers to Darwynn for further expansion. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership in the future.”

Darwynn is just one of many successful customer deployments by HWArobotics. Bringing its 20 years of rich industry experience in logistics automation to North America, the company has established a high-performance team in the region to provide extensive global after-sales service, with on-site engineers to assist post-sales.

The company debuted its SLS600 four-directional tote shuttle robot at the ProMat 2023 trade expo in Chicago last March to gain momentum and seek further partnerships with North American system integrators.

In addition to its expanding customer base in North America, HWArobotics also has successful deployments of its pioneering shuttle technology around the globe, with customers including Shein, Bosch UAES, SONY, Freshippo (Alibaba Group’s grocery retail chain), Hisense Hitachi, Faurecia (a subsidiary of global automotive technology giant FORVIA Group), JD.com, and Phoenix Media. In South Korea, the company has been a key part of consumer co-operative group iCOOP’s fresh food project, supplying a solution with 22 shuttle cars, 4,840 storage spaces and 4 goods lifts.

HWArobotics was recently nominated as a finalist for the IFOY Award 2024.