Consumers want sustainable delivery, study finds

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by Emily Atkins

A majority of consumers are interested in environmentally friendly delivery methods, and are willing to act if they feel a retailer is not meeting standards.

A new study of home delivery preferences found 43 percent of consumers felt retailers were doing a good job of using sustainable delivery practices, while 59 percent said they are willing to act if they’re not satisfied with retailers’ sustainable delivery efforts.

The study of 8,000 consumers across nine European countries, Canada and the United States  was produced by Descartes Systems Group.

“Compared to our 2022 study, consumers are much more interested in the environmental delivery practices of retailers. They’re influenced by these factors when making purchasing decisions and willing to take eco-friendly home delivery options, which are often also lower cost delivery methods for retailers,” said Chris Jones, EVP, industry at Descartes.

“Retailers need to heed these important trends as they provide more ways to differentiate, grow revenue, create greater customer loyalty and reduce delivery costs.”

The study analyzed consumer sentiment around the sustainability of retailers’ delivery operations, how this is impacting purchasing decisions, how consumers evaluate retailer efforts in sustainable delivery, which goods are most impacted by sustainable delivery performance and how consumers want to receive goods.

In addition, it delved into the changes in purchasing and delivery decisions that consumers are willing to make to help the environment. It also provided insight into how the importance of sustainable delivery varies by geo-demographic factors, the influence of geo-demographics on buyer behavior, the delivery decisions consumers are making, and consumer expectations of retailers’ sustainable delivery efforts for the future.