B.C. wants comments on off-dock drayage recommendations

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The B.C. government is seeking comments on the implementation of the off-dock drayage recommendations recently released by the independent B.C. container trucking commissioner.

The Off-Dock Drayage Recommendation Report was published on May 12, 2021, in response to a request from the minister to examine opportunities to make targeted adjustments to the rates and policies related to off-dock drayage activity in the Lower Mainland.

Transport minister Rob Fleming said he encourages “stakeholders to engage in open communication with the B.C. container trucking commissioner, so we can move forward and help us all reach our shared goals.”

Last year, the province and the commissioner commissioned a study to better understand off-dock truck trips that support containerized shipping throughout the Lower Mainland. The study was published in September.

The commissioner has since conducted ongoing consultation to find industry solutions that support a stable, efficient and competitive container-trucking sector.

“BCTA welcomes the opportunity to continue to work with container trucking stakeholders and provide feedback in this process,” said Dave Earle, president and CEO, BC Trucking Association (BCTA).

“Consultation is a cornerstone of effective public policy, and we are encouraged that the provincial government and the B.C. container trucking commissioner are continuing to engage B.C.’s drayage sector in conversations that will inform evidence-based decisions.”

Since 2017, the Province has made several improvements to wages and working conditions for drivers, including:

  • increasing hourly wages;
  • increasing wages for independent operators; and
  • increasing the minimum daily call-out rate.

The consultation being undertaken by the commissioner will inform the next round of improvements for those working in the container trucking sector.

“Our concerns have been heard by minister Fleming,” said Gavin McGarrigle, western regional director for Unifor. “We now look forward to discussing how we can best implement the recommendations. We will continue to insist on more effective enforcement to stamp out undercutting and will be working to help ensure no trucker is worse off under the transition to any new system.”

The commissioner is calling for written submissions from all interested parties, including drivers, until the end of day, Aug. 31, 2021.

Submissions can be sent to the Office of the BC Container Trucking Commissioner (OBCCTC) at this email address: registrar@obcctc.ca

Submissions will be posted on the OBCCTC website: https://obcctc.ca/