CITT recognizes Vancouver education partner

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Vancouver’s Acsenda School of Management has been recognized as CITT’s first fully accredited academic partner, signaling a maturation of a relationship that began nearly two years ago.

CITT’s academic and certification committee carefully reviewed Acsenda’s relevant courses, and confirmed that all the required subjects are covered and assessed. This accreditation means that graduates who successfully complete these courses may immediately apply for CCLP certification if they have three years’ industry experience. 

“We’re very excited to build on our momentum with Acsenda through this formal accreditation” said Pina Melchionna, CITT’s president and CEO.

“Industry needs more professionals who have education in the vital key competencies these courses develop – and Acsenda has provided an excellent pipeline of talent. The graduates are impressive, and many have already shown serious interest in becoming certified professionals. We look forward to welcoming them into the Canadian logistics community.” 

“We are honoured to be recognized as the first post-secondary institution in Canada to be fully accredited by CITT” said Dr. Chehra Aboukinane, dean of the business administration program at Acscenda.

Through this partnership, all future graduates of our BBA programs have the opportunity to complete all their academic credentials required to gain the advanced standing to pursue their CCLP designation while completing their degrees.  We are confident that our CCLP graduates will have the expertise, competencies, knowledge, and resilience to drive positive change and to provide differential value to their organizations in the logistics and supply chain management field. ”