Next Run on Less program will focus on larger fleets

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by Emily Atkins

In 2023 North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) will focus its Run on Less program on electrification of larger fleets.

“Lots of fleets have deployed one or two electric trucks, but few have made the move to having 15 or more trucks. We are thinking this event, which we are calling Run on Less – Electric Depot, will feature eight fleet depots with 15+ Class 3 to 8 BEVs operating in the U.S., Canada or Mexico,” said NACFE executive director Mike Roeth in a blog announcing the plans for 2023.

Roeth said one of the main lessons taken from the 2021 program was that the transition to electric vehicles is about much more than just the trucks themselves. It is about charging, infrastructure, grid capacity, resilience, and more. “That’s what led us to the idea of Run on Less – Electric Depot, which will give us the opportunity to learn and share best practices for scaling electric trucks at depots,” he said.

Roeth said it’s critical to the long term success of electric trucks to understand the needs of larger fleets.

The goal will be to explain fleet scaling considerations such as charging infrastructure, engagement with utilities, total cost of ownership management, driver and technician training, and charge management, for example. The program also hopes to highlight effective partnerships between fleets, OEMs, and utilities, as well as taking a deep dive into utilities, charging equipment, construction, and more.

NACFE is looking for fleets to take part in the program. Purolator, Day & Ross, DHL, Penske, and nine other companies took part in the EV trial.The electrification study examined the operations of 13 electric trucks, including vans and step vans, medium-duty box trucks, terminal tractors and heavy-duty regional haul tractors.

“We are counting on you to help us showcase the benefits of scaling electric trucks while also having frank conversations about existing challenges and what is needed to scale EV adoption more quickly. NACFE prides itself on providing real-world data on any of the technologies we study, whether they are current technologies or emerging ones like electric vehicles,” Roeth said.

NACFE is working on building a list of potential fleets that could take part. The organization is also looking for sponsors to support the program.

For more information contact Mike Roeth at 1-260-750-0106.