Equipment Highlight: Rack standards

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by Emily Atkins
John Ferrari
John Ferrari

With recent advancements in material handling equipment and trends like rising land costs, storage racks are getting higher. But pallets aren’t getting any deeper. According to Konstant’s senior vice-president, engineering, John Ferrari, tall, slender rack structures can pose a challenge with regard to lateral stability in some of the moderate-to-high seismic zones of this country.

A new Canadian rack standard is currently under development that will ultimately be referenced and enforced through the building code.

“So these are exciting times for the rack industry but also for users,” Ferrari said. “The public will be assured that moving forward, suppliers of storage systems will have to comply with the same minimum design requirements.”

Ferrari added that customers who are in the market for racking should consider that dealing with a rack supplier who has done performance testing and is very up to date with the research being done on rack structures, could result in significant cost savings in the overall storage project.

“It levels the playing field for suppliers of racking,” he said. “And these systems are getting awfully big. So, I think it’s a big step to develop such a document and it’s taken a lot of time. It’s a huge benefit for the storage and warehousing industry in general.”