Ballard proves liquid hydrogen fuel cell potential

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Ballard Power Systems and Chart Industries, Inc. have successfully tested a fuel cell powered by liquid hydrogen.

For the tests, a Ballard FCmove-HD fuel cell was paired with a Chart liquid onboard hydrogen (HLH2) vehicle fuel system (which was demonstrated at ACT Expo in September, 2021). The tests were conducted at Chart’s hydrogen test facility in Minnesota, USA.

Chart provides technology, equipment and services related to liquefied natural gas, hydrogen, biogas and CO2 capture amongst other applications.

The demonstration confirms that heavy-duty vehicles powered by Ballard fuel cells will be able to employ Chart HLH2 vehicle fuel systems that utilize liquid hydrogen as a fuel.

Heavy-duty mobility

Liquid hydrogen has a significant space, weight and range advantage compared with gaseous hydrogen, allowing for up to double the range without space claim and payload impacts, and simplified fueling infrastructure for heavy-duty mobility applications such as class-8 trucks, buses, rail, and marine.

This recent work builds upon Chart’s previous fill, hold, and vaporization testing of the Chart HLH2 vehicle fuel system, and long-established credentials in LNG service for vehicle fuel systems.

Building upon this success will be to identify applications in which liquid hydrogen has the potential to unlock long distance opportunities, such as truck, coach bus, off-road, rail and marine.

The products tested as part of the work to date include Ballard’s FCmove and Chart’s liquid hydrogen tanks which would be suitable for such applications.

Chart and Ballard say they will work to identify a potential demonstrator for liquid hydrogen road testing over the coming months.