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Woolworths Group to implement micro-fulfillment centres

Rolling out three sites in the next year

August 9, 2019

BELLA VISTA, Australia – Australian grocery chain Woolworths Group plans to implement automated micro fulfillment capabilities at an initial three sites to help meet growing demand for shopping online.

The grocer chose Takeoff Technologies’s automated micro-fulfillment solution. Using a store’s existing footprint, the automation minimizes the space required by using technology that functions in compact vertical spaces. It moves products closer to the picker – saving team members from walking up and down the aisles to locate products.

Installation will begin within the next 12 months, with Woolworths Group to then evaluate the suitability of the technology for further roll-out.

“Our customer expectations are changing rapidly, with more and more turning to online shopping to help them in their busy lives,” said Brad Banducci, Woolworths Group CEO.

“We see the future of online delivery as a mix of our large scale fulfillment centres in major metropolitan areas and a localized approach that leverages the strength of our national store network.” 

The initial three Woolworths Group store locations for the use of Takeoff’s technology are yet to be determined, but may include supermarkets and drinks.

Woolworths Group operates over 3,000 stores in Australia and employs 210,000 people. Its sells groceries, alcoholic beverages, discount consumer goods and operates a hotel chain, counting 29 million Australians as customers each week.

Takeoff Technologies is an eGrocery startup, based in Boston, Ma.