Bellville Rodair holding company bought [Updated]

by MM&D staff

Portland, Oregon–OIA Global, a worldwide transportation, supply chain management and packaging solutions provider, has purchased majority control of Bellville International Ltd, a global provider of freight forwarding and logistics services headquartered in London, UK.  Bellville International is the holding company for Bellville Rodair International in Europe, USA, China and Brazil. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“This acquisition is very strategic for our company.  We’ve searched extensively for the right partner in Europe, and are delighted with the outcome,” said Charlie Hornecker, CEO of OIA Global. “This acquisition expands our global network by 22 company-owned offices, serving 14 additional countries, which positions OIA to better serve our growing international client base, particularly in Europe where Bellville has a strong presence,” he added.

“As part of the growing OIA Global family, our clients will also benefit greatly from the acquisition,” said Terry Walpole, Chairman of the Bellville Rodair Group. “OIA’s well-established global network and suite of transportation, warehousing, distribution and global packaging solutions, combined with our particular expertise in energy, automotive and fashion logistics, is a win/win for both OIA and Bellville clients alike,” he added.

“Bellville has built its business by delivering reliability, high-touch customer service and trust, resulting in strong working relationships with our clients,” said David Ower, Managing Director of the Group, “OIA’s similar commitment to overall professionalism and client service was a major part of what attracted us most to OIA,” he added.

“As we all know, it’s the people who matter most and we are happy to report that Bellville’s senior management team will become part of OIA’s executive team. We welcome all Bellville employees to OIA,” Hornecker added.


Jeff Cullen, president and CEO of Mississauga, Ontario-based Rodair/Bellville Rodair in Canada says he thinks the sale is good for Bellville International Ltd.

“I’m pleased for my former partners. I think it’s exciting for them. We’ll continue to work strategically with BRI in key markets. I’m not quite sure what opportunities or possibilities might arise from their association with OIA that might benefit us here in Canada.”

Cullen used to own 50 percent of Rodair Holdings, but he divested ownership in the international operations of Bellville Rodair last year.

“I started Rodair in Canada. We ended up coming together with UK partners in the late 1990s and expanded globally together. There were never any take-overs in the organization. Bellville was a project forwarder. We were a general forwarder.  We organically grew from an office in London and an office in Toronto to 27 offices in 17 countries at one point.”

Cullen says at this point, he hasn’t spoken yet with anybody from OIA, so he can only speculate on any future co-operation.

“They’ve got a strong presence in Asia that might be of some interest, although we’ve got a strong tie-up in Asia ourselves with a company called Kerry Logistics. We’ve co-operated with them now going on almost two years. So for us it’s early days,” he said.

“We’ll continue to have a relationship and co-operate with the offices I helped set up years ago—Germany and places like that are still very strategic for us.”

He added at this point, his goal is to expand business at home.

“We’re focusing on our Canadian Nexus business, and looking to grow our Canadian operation significantly. Today, we’re probably 80 percent international and 20 percent domestic as far as our business here in Canada. Over the next five years, we’re looking to switch that completely. And it’s not because we’re going to shrink our international business. Its because we’re focused on growth on the domestic side. Over the next five years we see becoming 80 percent domestic and 20 percent international.”