Hamilton Port Authority had a strong 2011

by Array

HAMILTON, Ontario: With the final numbers in, the Hamilton Port Authority reports it had a successful year in 2011, even taking into account the shutdown of a local plant.

In total, the port handled 10,040,210 tonnes of cargo. Overseas shipments accounted for 1,264,61 tonnes, while Canadian and American shipments weighed in at 8,776,049 tonnes.

Overseas vessel traffic was up (with 108 arrivals), but domestic and US arrivals were down (475 arrivals), mainly due to the closure of the US Steel plant.

The port handled significantly more general/project cargo that it typically does, with figures showing 52 percent growth versus the five year average. Agricultural product shipments (35 percent growth versus a five year average) and asphalt (12 percent growth versus a five year average) also demonstrated large increases in volume.

Last year, the port signed contracts worth over over $32 million.

Agri-business company Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd took a long-term lease with the port and committed to infrastructure investments, including the construction of two domes.

Bermingham Foundation Solutions, which has a facility on HPA property, struck a deal to expand.

Lafarge North America, which produces concrete and other construction material, moved to Pier 22 and consolidated its operations. Lafarge and the HPA also agreed to spend $20 million in site improvements.

Grain handler Richardson International Ltd decided to invest over $5.5 million to expand its facility, including adding a third receiving pit and elevation leg, two new truck beam scales and extra office space.