Light load: Forklift tricks

by Array

SAO PAULO, Brazil and SOMEWHERE IN THE US: We all know forklifts and forktrucks aren’t toys. They’re capable, powerful pieces of equipment that should only be used for acceptable, work-related purposes.

But they’re also vehicles. And as we all know, if you put enough people behind the wheel of any type of vehicle the odds are you’ll get people who want to show off skills and demonstrate their talents.

Today we’re featuring videos that demonstrate exactly those impulses.

In the first one, an unnamed American demonstrates how to pick up a coin [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO] off the floor using only the forks on his truck.

While that’s relatively impressive, it must be said, forklift-picks-up-coin videos are scattered all over the Web. So our next video takes that skill and builds on it.

In this one an operator from Brazil not only manages to pick up the coin with a massive 30-tonne Hyster forklift, he does so with the intention of dropping it in a bottle [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO].

If you’ve can make a forklift sing, dance and perform magic acts, upload a video of yourself at the controls and send us a link so we can share it with the MM&D audience.