Montreal port to get new terminal

by MM&D staff

MONTREAL, Quebec—CanEst Transit Inc, plans to build a new facility at the Port of Montreal.

The company, which was created by La Coop fédérée, Transit BD Inc, and MGT Holdings intends to specialize in agricultural products.

It will work out of the area formerly known as the Grain Elevator Number Three Annex. CanEst intends to containerize products for both local and international markets. The company’s business plans call for it to receive bulk shipments originating in Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada and US Midwest by both rail and by truck. Then it will store, clean, sift, and package the products.

It will also handle bulk and bagged grains and grain by-products. After processing, CasEst will put the containerized goods on trucks and deliver them to the port’s main container terminals, where they be loaded onto ships.

“The CanEst project fits in perfectly within our ‘port-plus’ strategy to provide value-added services to port users and to attract new clients,” said Sylvie Vachon, president and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority. “This project will increase our capacity for handling bulk products. Users will benefit from the port’s strategic location on the St. Lawrence River to serve international markets.”

The CanEst facility is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2014.