New product: Collapsible drum

by MM& staff

Milford, Ohio—Although it’s called a drum, the Buckhorn Inc’s collapsible food storage container built in a rectangular cube-shape so it can fit better on a pallet.

The 60 gallon plastic drum measures 61cm (24in) by 51cm (20in) by 102cm (40in). The drums are able to interlock, and put together, four of them create a pallet cube measuring 122cm (48) by 102cm (40in). Once cubed they can be stacked and stored five pallet loads high. According to Buckhorn, they offer 25 percent better cube utilization than typical 55 gallon drums.

When collapsed, 480 drums can fit into a typical 16m (53ft) trailer, offering a 3:1 return ratio.

The drums are designed for food, powder and liquid material handling and are made from recyclable materials.

They are constructed in three sections (the base, the sidewalls and the lid) with offset surfaces and interlocking flanges to eliminate cracks or gaps and smoothly surfaced interior and exterior surfaces, all to improve the ease of cleaning and reduce the possibility of contamination.

The lids are designed with two security tie holes. Drum sidewalls are hinged in the centre to permit a one-way inward fold, making them collapsible.