New product: Compact forklift

by MM&D staff

NORCROSS, Georgia—The 13BOP-7 forklift from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) is designed for use in narrow aisles and tight spaces.

Powered by a 48 volt 5.2kW AC motor the 13BOP-7 uses an 8KHz high frequency ZAPI controller. It has a 1,360kg (3,000) load capacity and an extended mass height of 5.47m (215.4in). While the platform is extended, the forklift’s speed and acceleration is limited by a travel speed control system.

Other features of the 13BOP-7 include a self-diagnostic LCD monitor, an overhead guard that meets EEC and ANSI regulations, a redesigned steering wheel, electric power steering, an ergonomic control level for the platform lift, an electromagnetic braking system and a wide mast view.

The 13BOP-7 comes with an adjustable pallet clamp, and guide rollers are optional.

The forklift is designed with an O-ring face seal to prevent hydraulic oil leaks.