Quebec Port Authority plans upgrades

by Array

QUEBEC CITY, Quebec: The Quebec Port Authority (QPA) has big plans for the coming year.

Even though the details of the projects haven’t been completely finalized yet, let alone released, the QPA announced it will be spending $53 million this year to develop the port and upgrade its facilities.

The intent of the projects is to optimize the efficiency of the liquid and dry bulk terminals.

Both the liquid and dry bulk terminals recorded significant tonnage increases last year. In fact, the entire port set a record in 2011 thanks to an 18 percent increase in cargo handling which led to a total of 28.9 million tonnes of goods moving through the port.

According to the QPA, the expectation is that tonnage in 2012 will be up high enough to set another record, as it is already 22 percent higher when compared to the same period last year.

QPA president and CEO, Mario Girard, used last year’s experience to put this year’s activities into perspective: “2011 allowed us to clearly identify the major challenges we’re facing and make stakeholders aware of the need to take action to ensure the Port’s sustainability.

“The $53 million in joint funding from the port and its operator partners is a good start, but there’s still a lot left to do.”