Sandy’s effects continue to linger

by MM&D staff

NEW YORK, New York—Although Sandy has spent most of its destructive forces, the former hurricane is still depositing rainy remnants on parts of eastern Canada and the US.

Like the storm itself, the disruptions it caused to transportation networks are starting to subside but there are a closures, delays and disruptions that are continuing to linger as remnants of Sandy’s power.

Maritime operations and facilities at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey remain closed, and the Port Authority hasn’t issued any word about when that status is expected to change.

John F Kennedy Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport are now open, although carriers will be providing limited services today. Stewart International Airport is open but running limited operations. Two other airports, LaGuardia and Teterboro, remain closed.

All the tunnels and bridges operated by the Port Authority are now open, with the exception of the Holland Tunnel.

Flight tracking website, is reporting that 2,801 had been cancelled in the US so far today. That’s in comparison to 7,074 that were cancelled on Tuesday and 7,884 on Monday.

New Jersey Transit’s rail service is still suspended. There are numerous washouts along the tracks and the main centre of operations is still flooded. Many of the state’s roads and highways are still littered with debris, although the New Jersey Turnpike is now open.

The Port of Virginia is open and has begun receiving ships.

Operations have also resumed at the Port of Philadelphia

CP is reporting there still could be minor delays to shipments in the next 24 hours due to storm impacts.