Supply Chain Management Association comes into being

by MM&D staff

TORONTO, Ontario—After months of planning, meetings and outreach, the merger between the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC) and the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Canada (SCL) has finally become official.

Plans to join the two organizations were first announced in April. At the time, PMAC board chair Mike Whelan described the move, saying, “As organizations, our strengths complement each other; by combining them we can offer supply chain professionals in all disciplines the very best opportunities for professional development, networking, and employment.”

Before the union could go ahead, members of both organizations needed to vote in favour of the plan. SCL required a quorum of members to cast votes totaling 50 percent plus one for approval and PMAC set its requirement at a minimum 67 percent approval by PMAC members in attendance or voting by proxy. Both organizations earned the approval levels they needed to go ahead with the merger.

Today, the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA), which is the name chosen for the blended organization, officially launched.

It will work on behalf of its nearly 8,000 members and provide education, training, professional development courses and networking opportunities.

SCMA retains PMAC’s operational infrastructure, with a national office and 10 institutes across Canada. It will also continue to develop and support the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation.

“SCMA is truly a national organization for supply chain professionals in all disciplines and at all career stages,” said Whelan, who now holds the title of SCMA national board chair. “We are stronger through the sum of our parts and ready to deliver better value and more opportunities for our members and their employers.”