Federal funding to help build northern cargo facility

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by Emily Atkins

Air Inuit has been selected to receive funding under the National Trade Corridors Fund.

The investment of up to $14.5 million includes the construction of a new cargo warehouse and extension of the hangar bay for aircraft maintenance at the Kuujjuaq, Quebec, airport.

Air Inuit routes.

Air Inuit offers passenger and cargo services throughout Northern Quebec, connecting to Quebec City and Montreal. Kuujjuaq is a hub, with connections to numerous smaller communities.

Kuujjuaq Airport is owned by Transport Canada. It is operated by the Kativik Regional Government. Designated a remote airport under the National Airports Policy, it is the community’s only reliable year-round means of transportation.

This project will allow the Kuujjuaq airport to:

  • improve security of the north-south transportation corridor between Montreal and Nunavik and within the Nunavik region;
  • improve the ability to preserve food security with larger storage capacities and build a more reliable supply chain; and
  • increase economic development with added capacity to support business growth, infrastructure, and industries more efficiently.

“We’re investing to reduce food losses caused by delays and to ensure a more stable and efficient supply of goods for people in the Arctic and Northern communities. With stronger supply chains, we’re helping people get the goods they need, when they need them, at a reasonable price,” said transport minister Pablo Rodriguez.

The National Trade Corridors Fund invests in construction and research projects in the Arctic and Northern regions to support transportation infrastructure, including airports, roads, bridges, and airport facilities.