Collaboration to establish bio-mechanical push/pull standard

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Caster Connection is collaborating with The Ohio State University Spine Research Institute (SRI) throughout 2019 to establish a “gold standard” for push/pull testing for any organization, in any industry.

The collaboration is taking place within the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) Ohio State University’s MSD Prevention Site.

These efforts will focus on developing measurement guidelines that more closely equate the SRI push/pull guidelines. These guidelines will reduce variability in hand forces measured by hand transducers.

As of right now, many factors affect accurate and consistent measurement results. These factors could include (but are not limited to) cart acceleration, force gauge accessories, straight/perpendicular wheels, flooring surface, etc.

These new guidelines will benefit practitioners as they attempt to estimate the bio-mechanical risk associated with a particular push/pull task and will allow for the most high-risk push/pull tasks to be redesigned more effectively.

As a provider of caster and wheel solutions, providing accurate ergonomic push/pull information to clients is of vital importance to Caster Connection.

“The results of our collaboration with The Ohio State University Spine Research Institute will create a better understanding of our casters’ push/pull capabilities for clients, and will ultimately benefit society by reducing employee injuries and saving companies money,” said Caster Connection president Joe Lyden.