User review website for WMS launched

by MM&D Online Staff

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.07.52 AMSANTA FE, New Mexico—, a platform for reviews and rankings of software vendors, has announced plans to rank warehouse management software companies.

The current listing of the best warehouse management software providers can be found here:

The platform has been released in a beta stage and is currently inviting warehouse management software companies to have their clients leave reviews and feedback on their experiences on the software.

Feedback is used by an algorithm to determine the placement of the software vendors in the rankings. The rankings of these software companies is primarily determined by user reviews, however, there are other elements which can impact a software’s position within the rankings.

Each product or service is rated along five parameters for each category. These parameters are further made up of independently-verifiable, transparent factors. Some of these are the total number of reviews, lengths of review, verified company status, quality of the reviewers, percentage of negative reviews resolved,and more. Client reviews are given the second highest consideration due to their direct use of the products and services. Reviews from competitors get the highest ranking. is a crowd reviewing platform which ranks over 500 software categories and 200 service categories.