All-season road in N.W.T. to improve access to the north

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The Government of Canada is investing up to $25 million for the construction of an all-season road in the Northwest Territories.

This investment, provided to NorZinc Ltd. under the National Trade Corridors Fund, will support the movement of goods to the local communities by providing year-round transportation access to surrounding areas.

The construction of the all-season road from Liard Highway 7 to the Prairie Creek mine site is expected to:

  • Provide year-round transportation access to the Prairie Creek mine site, national park areas and Indigenous traditional territories;
  • Facilitate production at the Prairie Creek mine and the transportation of critical minerals from the mine to international markets, which has the potential to contribute an estimated $8 billion in revenue for Canada and the Government of Northwest Territories over the next 20 years;
  • Provide benefits to local Indigenous communities as the road will provide access to the Naha Dehe Dene Band’s traditional territory; and
  • Increase access to tourism and eco-tourism in the Nahanni Park Nature Reserve

“NorZinc is thankful and appreciative of the National Trade Corridors Funding to help build the All-Season Access Road to the Prairie Creek Project. This road will aid the Prairie Creek Mine to deliver an expected $8 billion of metal supply, including high-grade zinc concentrate, generating new economic activity within Canada’s borders, supporting Canada’s efforts in enhancing a more resilient, transparent, reliable and integrated supply chain of critical metals,” said Robin Bienenstock, executive chair, NorZinc Ltd. “This funding will also be transformative for our First Nation partners in the North through increased economic activity leading to the creation of jobs, the development of new transportation infrastructure, and better services for the people who live and work in this northern and remote region.”