Canderel to partner with HPDP to develop NOVAZONE Logistics Park

by MM&D Online Staff

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia—At an address at the 2016 Sydney Harbour Port Days, Jonathan Wener, Chairman and CEO of Canderel, presented his company’s plan to develop NOVAZONE, a large-scale logistics park forming part of the Sydney deep-water port development project.

Canderel recently announced its partnership with Harbor Port Development Partners (HPDP) on the NOVAPORTE project. Wener saw it as a valuable opportunity to work in concert with experienced partners and to be part of a nation-building project.

NOVAPORTE and its adjacent logistics park, NOVAZONE, will undoubtedly change transportation patterns in eastern North America. This is an exciting opportunity for Sydney, Nova Scotia and Canada to play a decisive role in international trade,” Wener said.

NOVAZONE will cover 1,250 acres of developable land, and the project will be carried out in three phases. The project, which will operate within a recognized Foreign Trade Zone, will include distribution centres, cross-dock facilities, warehousing, manufacturing and assembly facilities, refrigerated storage facilities as well as service retail and accommodations in excess of 16.6 million square feet of density once completed.

Each facility can be serviced by a rail link to the NOVAPORTE container terminal. The project will require a $1.6 billion investment and will generate significant job opportunities in Sydney.

Wener added: “When completed, NOVAPORTE will be the most modern, most efficient and greenest port in North America. We strongly believe it has all the potential to generate major economic benefits for the region and raise Sydney’s international profile.”

Sydney has set aside nearly 2,000 acres for the development of the project. Thanks to an investment from the federal government, the harbour is dredged to a depth of 16.5 metres and can accommodate the world’s largest container vessels. 

In 2015, Cape Breton Regional Municipality granted HPDP the exclusive right to market the port of Sydney for development, including assembling the financial and operating consortium to build a state-of-the-art container terminal and logistics park able to accommodate the latest generation of ultra-large container vessels. Canadian and offshore funding partners have been identified and include China Communication Construction Company and American giant Bechtel.

“In closing, I’d like to thank our partners at HPDP for their vision, commitment and focused drive to make this project a reality. We may not be here today without their vote of confidence,” Wener said.