Feds spending $28 million on West Coast gateways

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

VANCOUVER – The federal government has announced new funding for several transportation infrastructure projects in the Greater Vancouver area. More than $28 million has been earmarked for three projects that are meant to reduce bottlenecks and improve transport flow.

The Ray-Mont off-dock transload facility in Richmond, British Columbia will receive $17.5 million to increase terminal capacity by about 160 percent, representing an additional 64,000 TEUs or 1.7 million tonnes per year. Rail capacity to move specialty grain exports will also increase, and transit times on rail corridors will be reduced.

The Fibreco terminal in North Vancouver, British Columbia, will receive $7.5 million to double on-site rail capacity. This improvement reduces congestion between road and rail operations and increase agri-food product and wood pellet exports. The increased capacity at the rail terminal will accommodate up to 200 additional trains, enable more efficient unloading, and improve rail access for other nearby North Shore terminals.

At Annacis Island in Delta, British Columbia, $3.5 million will be spent to increase rail access to auto terminals and off-dock facilities that serve shipping containers. Improvements will be made to three separate areas of the Southern Railway of British Columbia rail network on the island, including building approximately 1.2 kilometres of new rail track, re-aligning track configuration at key areas, and upgrading existing rail sections to a heavier standard.

The government estimates the projects will create 520 jobs during construction.