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Mapping organic food supply

Cloud-based solution has already identified more than 4,200 suppliers across the supply chain

February 7, 2019
by Intermarché

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Intermarché, a France-based supermarket and agri-food operator, has chosen SGS Transparency-One to map its own-brand organic products. The organization saw an opportunity and need to deliver greater quality control and product traceability within its growing line of organic-labelled products.

Launched eight months ago, the cloud-based solution has already identified more than 4,200 suppliers across the supply chain.

Globally and locally, tighter regulations and greater consumer demand for transparency are requiring food businesses to strengthen their supply chain visibility and management, from product origin to the end consumer. Uncertified supplier facilities, regulatory non-compliance and fraudulent product claims are examples of risks that can be mitigated through enhanced visibility.

The SGS Transparency-One solution enables businesses to identify, analyze and monitor all suppliers, components and production sites in their supply chains online, in real-time. Importantly, businesses can determine whether suppliers comply with regulations for product safety, sustainability and social responsibility. Intermarché has now got visibility into the social and environmental quality certificates of its 4,200 own-brand organic suppliers to date.

“For Les Mousquetaires Group – Intermarché, quality and traceability are essential,” said Olivier Touzé, director of quality and sustainable development at Les Mousquetaires Group. “The demand for organic-labelled products is growing rapidly. We realized that we didn’t have a detailed view of the entire supply chain for our own-brand organic products. To be able to answer consumers’ questions, we asked SGS Transparency-One to set up an accurate mapping system, all the way down to primary production.”

“Our solution, in partnership with Transparency-One, allows us to create a detailed map of all the different entities involved in a supply chain, collect and verify suppliers’ certifications, and make targeted recommendations based on each supplier’s control of the process. The application of the technology is neutral across industries, from food to retail to beyond. It’s the most advanced solution on the market today – a new social network for suppliers,” said Guy Escarfail, vice-president, global head of SGS Digital Supply Chain Solutions.