Alberta union revs up for another Amazon drive

by The Canadian Press (CPSTF)

A group of Amazon warehouse workers in Alberta is trying again to unionize.

Teamsters Local Union 362 says it has filed a second time for a unionization vote at the Amazon warehouse in Nisku, south of Edmonton.

Union members are running a campaign at the Nisku site, as the union is seeking to gain signed membership cards from Amazon workers to meet the 40 percent threshold required to vote.

The application must be certified by the Alberta Labour Relations Board before a vote can take place.

The Teamsters attempted to form a union at the Nisku Amazon site last fall. But they were unable to get their proposed vote certified after the labour relations board concluded they had failed to reach the required threshold of signed union cards.

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The Teamsters say this time they are confident they have reached the required threshold and will be awarded a vote.

“We want Amazon workers to know that they are not alone, and through Teamsters, we can make a profound difference in their work environment, compensation, employment rights and safety,” said Chance Hrycun, vice-president and business agent with Teamsters Local Union 362.

“The workers at Nisku are demanding change, not only for their workplace, but for the thousands of workers across North America who feel like they don’t have a voice. We stand with them in solidarity.”

If successful, the workers at the Nisku warehouse will be the first in Canada to vote on whether or not to unionize.

Teamsters Local Union 362 represents approximately 7,000 workers at 75 companies throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories.