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ClearDestination acquires Jarca

JFleet TMS to be integrated with ClearDestination product

April 12, 2019

MONTREAL – ClearDestination, a delivery management solution (DMS) for the logistics industry, has acquired Jarca and its transportation management system (TMS) products, JFleet.

ClearDestination offers solutions that combine operational research algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and location-based technologies to automatically plan the entire home delivery process (from the first to the mid to the last mile) for large items like appliances and furniture.

Adding award-winning JFleet to ClearDestination’s offering will provide a more integrated approach to the problems of moving products, thereby eliminating the operational, communications and visibility silos in logistical supply chains. In addition, combining the solutions will significantly enhance clients’ overall experience in managing their logistics.

“We are proud of this merger as it will enable both companies to expand further and faster,” explained François Eric, Vice President of TMS at ClearDestination. “By accelerating the development of our solutions and leveraging our core strengths, we’re planning to take transportation management to a whole new level—one that has not yet been seen in the market.”

“JFleet was a natural fit for ClearDestination. We share the same vision regarding transportation logistics. We are committed to offering unmatched customer service. Our two company cultures are aligned along similar values,” said Christian Lafrance, CEO at ClearDestination.
“While we are eager to address the global market’s needs with a completely integrated platform, we will take the time to complete the merger smoothly—and in a way that makes sense for our businesses, teams and clients. The future of our joint development looks very bright indeed.”