Polish delivery service innovates with touchless signing

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Expert Transport CEO Martyn Szczepankowski

DORDRECHT, Netherlands – If you’ve received a home delivery in the past few days, you know that there’s no more signing or touching digital devices to prove delivery. With the spread of the coronavirus, last mile delivery providers are facing a challenge – how to ensure deliveries are properly acknowledged while still maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene practices.

A Polish delivery company has teamed up with a Dutch software designer to create a voice-signing app that allows recipients to verbally acknowledge their deliveries.

Delivery drivers from using Voice Sign have an additional feature in their mobile application. With one click and customers agree to sign electronically. The user then has to recite the proper words, and the spoken confirmation is recorded.

Gdansk, Poland-based Expert Transport came up with the idea and turned to Dordrecht, Netherlands-based Teina to create the app add-on. Over the past weekend, the two companies designed, developed and implemented the new technology and rolled it out to drivers on Monday, March 16, 2020.

“Implementing this kind of innovations to delivery services is inevitable,” said Expert Transport CEO Martyn Szczepankowski.

“Today, when we all have to face the situation of danger, the transportation market needs even more innovative thinking combined with fast decision making. I encourage all interested in these solutions to contact. We are eager to help!”

The two companies also developed a Touch Free signing by SMS function. The delivery driver chooses this option in his/her app. The user receives an SMS with a unique and safe link to the webpage with all the details of the delivery. There is also a confirmation button that electronically signs the document. The customer uses his or her own smartphone, so the risk of contact is lowered to a minimum.