CITT courses go mobile

by MM&D Online Staff

Toronto, Ontario—Available for courses starting September 2nd, CITT’s learning platform for the specialized online courses in the program of study towards the CCLP designationis now fully optimized for smartphones and tablets, in addition to laptop and desktop computers.

“We wanted to ensure CITT offers a learning experience that’s excellent no matter how or where you choose to study” said CITT president Catherine Viglas. “Many professionals in supply chain logistics are eager to earn their CCLP designation, and we have always supported them with leading-edge technology. Now, CITT students can learn seamlessly across devices—be it using a smartphone during their commute, from their computer during a lunch break, or on a tablet while waiting for a flight at the airport. The CITT program of study is now an even more accessible option for those seeking professional development and credibility in supply chain logistics.”

The announcement of this newly optimized learning experience also comes on the heels of CITT’s biggest spring semester in history.

“Clearly people are relying more and more on their mobile devices to do business and to develop their professional abilities,” Viglas said. “CITT is excited to be able to meet their needs.”

Registration is open until August 31st for CITT’s fall semester logistics courses, and all of these courses will be offered on the new, multi-device optimized platform. To learn more or sign up for course, visit