Drone Delivery Canada gets flight certificate

by MM&D Online Staff
A screen capture from Drone Delivery Canada video.
A screen capture from Drone Delivery Canada video.

TORONTO, Ontario—Drone Delivery Canada has received a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada. The certificate now allows DDC the ability to advance its drone delivery technology and accelerated testing in the Canadian skies beginning with Southern Ontario.

“Our drone logistics platform is quickly progressing to the Canadian skies. Not only are we the first and only drone logistics Company in Canada, we now have just obtained a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada allowing us to test fly with potential customers,” said Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada.

“This is a DDC milestone which I am pleased to report we achieved six months ahead of schedule. We have large customer demand and we are seeing vastly increased market acceptance of our business moving us closer to our commercial goals.”

On October 3, 2016, Transport Canada, Canada’s Federal regulatory body which is responsible for transportation policies and programs in Canada granted Drone Delivery Canada its first official flight certificate to advance its outdoor testing within Southern Ontario.

DDC will work alongside Transport Canada which will provide oversight on advanced testing at a specific test site within the Southern Ontario geography.

“Our outdoor flight testing will be conducted at various altitudes to a maximum of 300 feet above ground level with flight speeds not to exceed 150 km/h. Our customers and partnerships have indicated their desire for payloads and distances which we expect to exceed as we move closer to commercialization having now obtained our first Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada,” stated Paul Di Benedetto CTO at Drone Delivery Canada.

The Special Flights Operations Certificate is the first step in the formal process working with Transport Canada in receiving its operator status. DDC looks to first deploy services in northern Canada within remote communities where demand and need is highest.