Baltimore’s Federal Channel projected to be fully restored by early June

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Along with the removal of the M/V Dali, salvage crews expanded the Port of Baltimore limited access channel to a width of 400 feet and a depth of 50 feet on May 20, allowing for the transit of all deep-draft commercial vessels calling on the Port of Baltimore.

To restore the Federal Channel to its original 700-foot width and 50-foot depth, the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) continues to clear wreckage from the riverbed. The continued work involves digging out the bottom cord of the remaining truss and cutting it into three sections to safely lift the wreckage.

Only about one-third of this truss is visible above the water as it stretches down to the riverbed and sits buried in the mud line. Based on the latest dive surveys and engineer analyses conducted after precision cutting and refloating the M/V Dali, the work to restore the Federal Channel is projected to conclude between June 8-10. The adjusted timing accounts for the complexity of the cutting and rigging required to lift portions of the large span. It also accounts for safety measures and possible inclement weather potentially impacting ongoing salvage operations.

“This effort is more complex than initially estimated,” said Col. Estee S. Pinchasin, USACE, Baltimore District commander. “Salvage crews must dig out the bottom cord of this truss to access the areas needing to be cut.”