ASRS shuttle new in North America

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Trew is debuting the newest TGW Stingray ASRS Shuttle in North America.

The newest Stingray shuttle system incorporates energy recovery technologies and sustainable material in a design that allows for multi-deep storage and high-capacity throughput.

The new shuttle design is highly efficient and reliable and includes new self-healing capabilities. Thanks to intelligent
software, autonomous correction of problems and errors realigns items to maintain an optimized picking environment, reducing manual intervention up to 90 percent compared to other solutions.

“Our cooperation with TGW Logistics is another excellent example of how Trew is dedicated to bringing leading ideas and technology to our clients,” said Trew chief revenue officer, John Naylor. “Winning together means enabling our clients to tackle their biggest business challenges with solutions that deliver results.”

The Stingray system is a powerful, automated shuttle system for totes and cartons with throughput performances of up to 1,500 load carriers per hour in each aisle. It is a flexible, modular system designed for high performance, lower storage location costs, optimized space-saving, and includes integrated maintenance and diagnostic tools.

More than 20,000 TGW Stingray shuttles are currently in use worldwide.