Carbon offset API for parcel deliveries

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

EasyPost has released a new Carbon Offset API that allows shippers to calculate the carbon emissions from parcel delivery on any given shipment and to purchase carbon offsets to neutralize the carbon footprint from the shipment.

The API is designed flexibly so that shippers can either purchase the carbon offsets directly or display a carbon neutral shipping option for their customers to select if preferred. EasyPost expects this will help shippers acquire more customers and improve retention with their existing customers.

“EasyPost has the mindset that every aspect of shipping should be easy. So when we learned many of our customers were looking to take action to reduce their carbon footprint from shipping, we prioritized building a solution for them,” said head of product, Justin Prostebby.

“And we are incredibly proud EasyPost will accelerate the industry going green as a result.”

EasyPost made the API free to eliminate any barriers for customers to implement the API and start reducing carbon emissions.