Cargo-only flights

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

ATLANTA, Georgia — Delta Cargo has launched cargo-only flights between the United State, Europe and India.

Daily cargo-only flights between New York-JFK and Madrid began on November 1, 2020, using a Boeing 767-400 aircraft.

In addition, there is a three-times weekly cargo-only flight between New York-JFK and Dublin using an Airbus A330-300. Cargo-only flights also operate between New York-JFK and Atlanta to Mumbai, via Frankfurt, using Airbus A330-200/300 aircraft.  These aircraft are used to carry essential pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical supplies and general cargo.

“Given the travel constraints within Europe, we are adding cargo capacity in Spain, Ireland and Germany to support overall passenger and cargo growth,” said Shawn Cole, Delta’s vice -resident – cargo.

“There is high demand for pharmaceutical shipments from India because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and this cargo solution ensures we can keep vital supply chains moving to the United States.”

Delta Cargo launched a Cargo Charter operation in March working primarily with its established logistics partners. It dispatched idled aircraft on cargo runs to transport millions of pounds of supplies. 

The carrier has operated over 1,600 cargo charter flights since February and is now averaging more than 20 cargo-only flights globally each week, carrying medical and PPE equipment, pharmaceuticals, U.S. mail, home office supplies and food.

Delta Cargo annually flies 421,000 tons of cargo around the world, including pharmaceutical supplies, fresh flowers, produce, e-commerce, global mail and heavy machinery.