Cobot application programming training

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

OnRobot has launched Learn OnRobot, a free online training platform that guides users, step-by-step, through the process of designing and deploying cobot applications featuring OnRobot tools such as grippers, vision cameras, processing kits, and sensors in setups with all major cobot and light industrial robot brands.

Localized with support in nine languages, Learn OnRobot’s extensive library of simple, direct ‘How To’ videos and 3D simulations provides detailed information on collaborative applications, including machine tending, palletizing, pick & place, and sanding.

The platform is accessible via PCs, smartphones and tablets, which enables easy access to Learn OnRobot resources from the shop floor during the deployment process.

“OnRobot’s solutions break down the barriers to automation adoption by making affordable, industry ready, easy-to-use technologies available to companies of all sizes,” says Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot.

“Learn OnRobot continues this democratizing, barrier-busting tradition by making collaborative application know-how freely available to anyone with an internet connection, from prospective customers curious about our offerings, to partners, to integrators, and to end users of all skill levels looking to maximize the success of their automation deployment.” 

The Learn OnRobot platform has three main sections, organized to help visitors get straight to the information they need:

  • The Application section provides overviews of different collaborative applications, including best practices and deep dives into the specifics of successful application deployments.
  • The Product section provides guidance on the OnRobot tool(s) best suited to each collaborative application, along with integration tips and insights.
  • The Robot Integration section shows how to integrate the application with the robot arm, featuring separate tutorials for each supported brand of robot arms.

Stefan Stubgaard, director of application research and product management at OnRobot, led the development of the new learning platform and sees Learn OnRobot as a great way for the company to pay the community back for many years of insightful conversations about the easiest and most effective ways to deploy industry-grade collaborative automation.

“Learn OnRobot is designed to help answer integration questions and overcome deployment challenges,” he says. “The new platform is high on simplicity and usability. Using Learn OnRobot as their guide, integrators and end-users of all skill levels can make the most of their collaborative automation deployments.

As OnRobot expands its line of tools, notes Stubgaard, additional resources will be added to the Learn OnRobot platform, ensuring a continuous learning experience across all OnRobot products.