Cold chain shipping box

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Tower Cold Chain’s latest product for smaller pharmaceutical shipments, the KTEvolution container offering protection, security, and visibility in a small box, is now available for demonstration in the Americas.  

The KTEvolution is the most recent addition to the temperature-controlled specialist’s product range and is available in 26-litre and 57-litre options, offering a new lightweight solution for the pharmaceutical supply chain.  

The reusable containers have an integrated BLE/cellular data logger, visible data display, cloud data management and physical tamper evidence. The passive temperature-controlled containers use phase change technology to provide up to 120 hours of consistent temperature. It can also be packed with dry ice to obtain ultra-low temperatures of -60º.

Demonstrations will be held in Philadelphia. Prospective customers can also book a demonstration at their own location, where a Tower Cold Chain sales representative can organize a suitable date and time for customers within one working day. 

Niall Balfour, CEO, Tower Cold Chain says, “We have seen a significant interest following this year’s exhibition season, after showcasing the KTEvolution for the first time. The KTEvolution fills a gap in the cold chain market and provides a more compact, light-weight option that we feel many industries, customers and patients will be able to benefit from.”  

“We have found in-person demonstrations to be far more beneficial to our customers as they allow for a more in-depth insight into Tower’s products. We are delighted to be able to offer this service for the KTEvolution.”  

The reduced weight and easy-to-handle nature of the KTEvolution makes it an option for smaller shipments such as direct-to-patient, samples shipment, and last-mile deliveries.  

The KTEvolution range will be available across a full temperature range, capable of transporting pharmaceuticals, life-science, and biotech products that require an internal temperature of -80°c, -60°c, -20°c, +5°c, +20°C and can provide 120+ hours of insulation without requiring any external power source or intervention.