DC benchmarking tool

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The WERC DC Measures Benchmarking Tool is a brand-new digital resource designed to help distribution logistics professionals use hard data to measure and improve operational performance.

It is based on data collected in the DC Measures study, which includes 20 years of data on warehousing and distribution centre demographics and challenges across the industry to create benchmarks on multiple statistics. Used by thousands of warehousing and supply chain professionals, it offers a collection of critical measures based on operational data from more than 400 DCs.

The DC Measures data creates benchmarks for warehouse operations from a proven set of data, and the new digital benchmarking tool allows users to instantly compare operations to industry standards by allowing them to enter the data for their facility and create a report in real-time to assess the caliber of their operations and set a course for improvement.

It’s available by subscription from WERC, the Warehouse Education and Research Council. One subscription gives access for up to three people.