Diesel discovery promises fuel savings

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Canadian cleantech energy provider, The Enezol Company, has released results from an independent fuel efficiency trial, revealing Enezol Energize Diesel fuel achieves fuel savings of up to 50.45 percent compared to standard diesel fuel.

The comprehensive fuel trial was conducted by Australian independent transport and emissions testing consultancy ABMARC , in conjunction with Enezol’s Australian fuel distributor, Refuelling Solutions.

The tests showed fuel efficiency improvements across a range of operating conditions including: engine idling, city driving and highway driving. Most notably, a 50.45 percent reduction in engine idle fuel consumption was observed when Enezol Energize Diesel fuel was used.

This is a key performance figure, considering that engine idle fuel consumption has a sizeable impact on total vehicle fuel consumption and carbon emissions. How much impact?

The US Department of Energy estimates close to 1 billion gallons of diesel fuel are burned by long haul trucks alone in the US each year, simply from idling. This results in the emission of approximately 11 million tons of CO2, 55,000 tons of nitrogen oxides and 400 tons of particulate matter, annually in the US.

Idling time

Furthermore, the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that a broad range of commercial diesel vehicles: transit buses, refuse trucks, short haul trucks, etc. spend upwards of 40 percent or more of their daily operating time, engine idling.

According to company executive, David Massey, “it’s shocking how much negative impact engine idling has on overall fuel consumption and the environment. The data clearly shows that reducing engine idle fuel consumption using Energize Diesel fuel can significantly reduce carbon emissions and provide much needed fuel savings for vehicle operators.”

The company says its proprietary refinery technology involves bombarding the diesel distillate with specialized catalyst particles, to improve the resulting fuel’s combustion efficiency.

Enezol Energize Diesel fuel requires no changes to vehicle or engine equipment, and is 100% compatible with all diesel engine applications and fuel distribution infrastructure.