Dunnage for auto parts

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Orbishield Proluxe can be installed in totes, bulk containers and metal transport racks.

OCONOMOWOC, Wisconsin — ORBIS Corporation, the North American reusable packaging and supply chain optimization expert, has developed Proluxe, a laminate-sided foam dunnage designed to protect Class-A parts in the automotive industry. As part of the ORBIShield line of custom, fabricated dunnage, Proluxe can be installed primarily in hand-held totes and also bulk containers and metal transport racks, to protect parts and components throughout the automotive and industrial supply chain.

Proluxe dunnage is fabricated using a special proprietary adhesive to affix brushed poly laminate to crosslink foam, resulting in a durable, long-term dunnage solution for Class-A parts. This flexible foam dunnage is ergonomically designed so it is soft to the touch and offers maximized part protection. The dual-sided laminate will keep decorative and Class-A parts highly protected and clean with its lint-free composition.

ORBIS developed this proprietary solution to protect parts from scratches, scuffs and dust during rugged shipping applications and conducted third-party testing to determine point of delamination. The pounds of force per inch (lbf/in) value represents the average force it would take for the brushed poly laminate to delaminate. Proluxe testing resulted in an adhesive value of 6.3 lbf/in, compared with the leading competitive material of only 1.2 lbf/in. Proluxe outperformed the third-party testing by 5.1 lbf/in.

Proluxe was developed specifically for sensitive Class-A surfaces, painted components such as door handles and mirror assemblies, chrome trim, badges, headlamps and tail lamps.

“Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tier suppliers are constantly seeking ways to protect parts in transit. Proluxe provides them with a reliable material that will last over time and protect their high-value automotive parts,” said Aman Sangha, product manager for ORBIS Corporation.

With Proluxe, companies can:

  • Protect parts from dust and lint
  • Take advantage of design and fabrication efficiency with a dual-sided laminate
  • Improve worker safety with ergonomic edges and soft surfaces

At its dunnage facilities, ORBIS offers a staff of designers, prototyping equipment, product-testing areas and new machinery to manufacture all types of dunnage solutions. ORBIS’ sales engineers across North America also are available to provide expertise on design requirements, material selection, prototype configuration and dunnage design execution.