Expanded air charter network

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

DSV is now expanding its air charter network – which offers controlled cargo capacity on key trade lanes and reliable transit times.

DSV’s air charter network uses some of the world’s largest airports along with less congested airports such as Luxembourg, Huntsville (Alabama, USA) and Macau to ensure faster turnaround on the ground and reducing the risk of delays.

DSV also designs and oversees ground-handling, ensuring short transit times and complete control from door-to-door.

“During a time with many disruptions due to coronavirus, our air charter network has provided stability to our customers and proved extremely valuable,” says Mads Ravn, head of Global Air Freight Procurement at DSV.

“We are pleased that customers can now benefit from this premium service on other important trade lanes with our recent expansion.”

The network is ideal for handling special cargo such as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, microchips, oversized oil and gas equipment, hazardous cargo as well as high-value goods.

DSV has teamed up with leading global cargo airlines to expand the network to include also:

  • Macau (Hong Kong) to Mexico City (one way)
  • Frankfurt to Mexico City and Guadalajara (round trip)
  • Hong Kong to Taipei (one way)
  • Taipei to Huntsville (one way)
  • Hong Kong to Seoul (one way)
  • Seoul to Sao Paolo (one way)


The DSV charter network accounts for less than five percent of DSV’s global volume.