Handheld reusable tote

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Orbis says its FP183 is ideal for grocery or medical distribution applications.

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. – ORBIS Corporation has added the FP183 to its FliPak product line.

Intended to replace corrugated shipping boxes, the 21.8-inch by 15.5-in. by 12.3-in FP183 is a durable, reusable handheld. It can be used in a variety of applications, including picking, work-in-process, storage and distribution.

The ORBIS FliPak containers feature an attached hinged lid to prevent expensive product loss. The lid has molded teeth that snap securely into place, keeping lids closed on conveyors.

The FP183 also stacks when full and nests when empty for improved space efficiency. It’s available with a solid drain hole or plus-grid vented bottom for easy cleaning and maximized airflow.

“We designed the FP183 container to provide more efficient picking, conveyance and transportation. In fact, the container improves truckload quantity — up to 5,808 empty containers — because of the optimized nest ratio,” said Raquel Serna, product manager for ORBIS Corporation.

“The stacking ridge on the cover enhances tote and cover durability by uniformly distributing weight, while keeping totes in place when column-stacked.”

The container’s fully reusable plastic design keeps plants and equipment clean by eliminating fibre and dust associated with fibre corrugated boxes.

It allows for improved load handling with ability to band across the container length or width. Added ribbing increases corner strength, and it has a recessed, reinforced security tie hole for cleanliness and strength.

FliPak containers like the FP183 can be used with reusable distribution dollies, pallets and dunnage to create a more productive reusable packaging load. It also is compatible with other similarly sized industry containers.