Improved trade intelligence

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Descartes Systems Group has upgraded its trade intelligence service.

It takes into account global trade regulations, including new sanctions and export controls imposed on Russia and Belarus resulting from the conflict in Ukraine.

Recent enhancements include:

New sanctions and export control content have been added as a result of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, including risk management data sets not fully published by government agencies (e.g., Sanctioned Ownership Research (SOR), Military End Use (MEU) and State-Owned Entities (SOE), among others). This enhanced content reduces the effort and expertise required to effectively map risk exposure as part of ongoing compliance due diligence.

New customs exchange rates have been added to feed ERP-based global trade management solutions, including SAP GTS and Oracle GTM, which improves landed cost calculations.

New research, collection and data engineering infrastructure that speeds the addition of new trade content and delivery through XML, API and other technology interfaces.

Market Insight

New trade content from Mexico, Argentina, Thailand and the Philippines has been added to show commodity flows, trade lanes and port activity. Added views allow at-a-glance summaries of global trade trends in key international jurisdictions.

New import classification functionality simplifies product analysis and automates classification. Item management integration centralizes classification, export documentation, license and trade agreement management.

Algorithms have also been improved to increase search accuracy, which results in fewer false positive results, Descartes said.

New mobile versions allow remote risk screening from Apple and Android devices, and configuration has been made easier.