New product: Dynamic pallet storage

by MM&D staff

BOSTON, Massachusetts—The STAK System from Lista International Corp is a storage system that is based on dynamically adjustable pallets (rather than fixed shelves) and that uses a captive lifting and handling device.

Modular in design, the STAK system allows bays to be added as needed, although there are two basic models: the 2K which can handle items weighing up to 2,000lb, and the 4K for larger goods weighing up to 4,000lb. A version is also available to accommodate 55-gallon hazardous material drums, the HazMat STAK System. As well, there are options to store a variety of pallet sizes and styles (such as tire or reel storage pallets).

Pallets are loaded or unloaded into the shelving through the use of a guided mast, which is maneuverable on four axes.

The units are constructed with heavy-duty roll-formed steel and double wall-construction.

The 2K can handle up to 25,000lb per individual storage section and 50,000lb per bay