New Product: Rail bulkhead spacer

by Array

NEW CONCORD, Ohio: The Rail Bulkhead Spacer from Paylode Cargo Protection Systems is designed to provide reusable protection for goods being transported by train.

The Rail Bulkhead Spacer measures 2.6m (102in) high by 1m wide (39in) by 0.43m (17in) long, and fills longitudinal voids in railcars. It weighs 25kg (55lb) and can absorb 18,600kg (41,000lb) of force.

The spacer is constructed from 100 percent recycled rigid polyethylene, and Paylode will buy it back at end-of-life to be recycled again. The company projects, with regular use, it will last at least seven years.

It is typically configured as two interlocking units snapped together, and is usually deployed in railcars without movable bulkheads carrying cargo such as beverages, building materials, canned and boxed foods, lumber, bagged fertilizer or grains, and pipe and steel.