New product: Sliding shoe sorter

by Array

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan—Dematic’s FlexSort SL2 is a high-capacity package sorting system that uses multiple drives for speed and redundancy.

According to the company, the FlexSort has a peak carton handling rate of 400 cartons per minute. At its slowest operating speed—400 feet per minute—it can sort 200 cartons per minute.

Two types of diversion are available on the SL2: angle diversion and parallel diversion. It also comes with two choices of drives: a mechanical belt profile drive system and a non-contact solid state linear induction drive system.

A variable speed control comes standard on the FlexSort, which allows it to automatically speed up or slow down if there is a surge or a decline in flow.

The modular system is designed to accommodate fast and easy slat removal. It features side thrust wheels to ensure smooth slat flow.

The FlexSort SL2 is suitable for use in receiving, order fulfillment, consolidation and shipping operations.