New product: Wheel restraint

by Array

Chicago, Illinois—The Salvo Chock from safety products manufacturer Castell prevents dock accidents by linking the movement of the truck to the operation of the dock door.

The Salvo Chock has a two-part design and is built for use on straight trucks and other vehicles that can’t be fitted with a hand lock.

When a truck is first parked at the loading dock an operator clamps the two parts of the chock around the wheel using a foot pedal. Once clamped, the device releases a trapped key, which is able to be inserted into a control panel on the loading dock door. With the key in place, the door can be unlocked an opened.

When it is time for the truck to depart, the dock door is closed, and once it’s down, the key can be removed from the control panel. Without the key, the chock cannot be unlocked and the truck cannot be released, so if the door isn’t properly closed, there is no way for the truck to move away from the dock.