Reefer liner upgrade

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario—Glasvan Great Dane is now specifying ThermoGuard high performance liner as a standard on all its new in-stock tandem high cube swing door refrigerated trailers.

The liner, which extends the useful life of the trailer and improves resale value, is exclusively available on Great Dane equipment.

“Continuing to offer more value to our customers is consistent with our approach to providing better equipment and better service,” said George Cobham Jr, vice-president sales and marketing at Glasvan Great Dane . “The ThermoGuard liner is a proven performer and has many advantages, with the most critical being it works to retain the trailer’s insulating capability as the equipment ages.”

According to Glasvan Great Dane, the ThermoGuard liner

  • Helps to control temperature integrity and helps maintain insulation performance as the trailer ages;
  • Reduces operational costs by helping reduce cooling unit run-time, reducing cooling unit maintenance and reducing cooling unit diesel fuel burn;
  • Strong, durable and puncture resistant, nearly three times the puncture resistance of traditional liners;
  • Controls reefer trailer weight gain as the trailer ages, because it prevents moisture intrusion into the trailer insulation;
  • Extends the useful life of the trailer, increasing trailer productivity and improving resale value;
  • Saves up to 200 pounds and increases available interior trailer space;
  • Resists delamination;
  • Is quick and easy to repair, reducing maintenance costs.

In addition to in-stock equipment for immediate delivery, Glasvan Great Dane will continue to custom-order trailers to specific customer requirements and can offer the ThermoGuard liner as an option on all production order Great Dane reefer trailer equipment.